How to Create Bookstagram Flatlays

I absolutely love scrolling through Instagram. My feed is full of Bookstagramer's gorgeous flat-lays and bookshelf eye-candy. Some of my favorite reading buddies have come from the connections I've made through talking about books on Social Media. If you've never created a flat-lay, I double-dog-dare you to try today! You might find that you like it. Personally, I LOVE spending time with books I adore, making them into my own little pieces of art. Besides, it's a good marketing skill to have. Whether you're announcing a new book, hosting a giveaway, geeking out about your latest read, or connecting with other readers, book flat-lays can make a big statement. Here are a few pointers to help y

Author Headshots: An interview with a professional photographer, Madi Twede

Having your first professional headshots taken are one of the moments that bridge the gap between being a hobby writer and a professional. You need something sharp and yet expressive to put on your author platforms, website, and of course the back of your book. While it can be exciting, I also know that it can be intimidating as well. That is why I reached out to Madi Twede, a Utah photographer (and my personal photographer), to help you feel more comfortable and prepared for your next shoot. She has years of experience, so without further ado, let's get focused! ​​ Rachel Huffmire: Madi, I'm so grateful you joined me for this interview. I absolutely love my author headshots and can not rec

Beginning Again

Welcome to my blog! I'm both excited and nervous about this new venture because I know how much work a blog takes to maintain. But I also have a deep rooted belief that hard things open new doors. So, here I am, beginning again. Blogging has a special place in my heart. Three years ago, my writing group (Writing Through Brambles) decided to start a blog for writers to build our individual platforms before we dove headlong into the query trenches. At that time, only one of us had a book published, so it was our hope that our blog would help us level-up. And it did. In a big way. Today, between the five of us, we have 9 published novels and 8 published short stories. We don't maintain that blo


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