Behind the novel, "Shattered Snow"

Just over a year ago now, I went to writing group and said, “I have an idea, and I want it completed in three months.” Start to finish, drafted and edited, my goal was to pitch this story to a publisher at LTUE, a large writing conference held in Provo, Utah every year. There was a fire deep inside me telling me that after eight other manuscripts, this—THIS was it. I worked on a dedicated schedule, making the word count happen. Fast forward, and I not only accomplished my goal, but received an offer for publications at Immortal Works. My dear friend, acquisition editor Amanda Hakes, wrote a wonderful description of Shattered Snow after I sat down with her for a brief interview. Here's what s

Pitching your novel

In October 2017, a new novel concept popped into my head. I completed my first draft during Nanowrimo, then five drafts and three months later, I packed my bags, put my two little cuties in my CRV, and drove ten hours to LTUE in Utah to pitch my completed novel. Sometimes moms have to chase their dreams. (Shoutout to my amazing husband!) My previous pitch sessions with publishers and agents taught me a lot, so during this round I felt like a tween wearing high heels for a second time. Hopefully, my ankles were a little stronger for this round. I pitched my novel to two publishers while I was there and received two partial requests. One month later, I signed my first book contract with Immort

IW Author Highlight: Colonial Prime by Kevin Nielsen

​​ Being part of Immortal Works is like being part of a family. I have spoken to almost all of their authors either in person or through zoom, and I love their personalities, creative minds, and AMAZING BOOKS. One of the first Immortal Works books I read was Colonial Prime by Kevin Nielsen. It's an action-packed sci-fi novella that I was lucky enough to be a beta reader for back in 2018. Then, I read it again as an advance reader and loved it even more! Kevin is one of the keystone authors who led me to investigate Immortal Works and ultimately sign my own contract with them. ABOUT THE BOOK: “Captain Amara Corrin, the hero of the late Solar Wars, commands the first colonial fleet. Full of ho

How to Grow as a Writer: Get Uncomfortable

​ As writers, we are always chasing an upward trajectory. Higher word counts, query more agents, publish more books, earn more money... There's always another mountain to climb. That's why we attend conferences, read, and join writing groups. If we keep growing and improving, we'll finally make it to our goals where we can sit back comfortably and bask in our accomplishments. Right? Yes. That is exactly right. Last year, I found myself feeling pretty good. I had a stable writing group that kept me motivated, I got my first royalty check ever, and my sequel was wrapping up into a neat little package. Things were on track and the Rachel train had some serious momentum (woot woot!). I have to a


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