Granted: Curse of the Emerald Jinn

Sixteen-year-old Liam Covington is the only one who sees colorful shadows following him around school. They're brightest whenever someone messes with him. That's why Liam lives by a short code: keep a low profile, stay away from the colors, and don't talk to Kenna Berlin.


But today Kenna saved his life. And he just made enemies with the biggest jock in school. And worst of all, the strange conch shell he brought home from the dunes today is making the colors brighter.

Granted is an exciting YA urban fantasy based on the folktale "The Fisherman and the Genie". 


Rachel Huffmire's fairy tale retellings contain the best from the original stories, refreshing new and characters, and incredible twists! I always start expecting to know how it will go, and I end up totally amazed and in love with the world and the characters she creates. Romance is usually front and center in fairy tales, but Shattered Snow and Spinning Briar seamlessly meld the romance in with the action so you totally ship the characters without being annoyed with overdone tropes. Another excellent installment in this series, I can't wait for the next book!

-Author Bree Moore

This book holds its own as a fantastic and well-written time travel book, as well as holds its own as a terrific and unique fairy tale retelling. Neither of those are small feats—and to have both rolled into one book? Pretty awesome. I recommend this one, for sure!

-Courtney, Amazon reviewer

This is such a creative take on a Sleeping Beauty retelling and if you love scifi, you will LOVE this book! Rachel Huffmire is so talented with creating a believable future time travel system, just like she did with Book 1 in the series, Shattered Snow. I love the new characters in this book and the romantic plot, which does not overpower the main plot. This is a clean read, appropriate for teens and enjoyable for adults!

-Happy Reading Watching, Instagram

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