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Rachel Huffmire

Rachel grew up in the middle of a wheat field where she found plenty of time to read and dream. Her mom paid her a dollar per classic novel she read so, in a quest to amass a small fortune, Rachel read over 200 classic novels before junior high. After dabbling with writing novels and stage plays, she ran to the BYU bookstore for her first job. She sat behind the register, voraciously reading Shannon Hale novels while Brandon Sanderson and other internationally-selling authors held book signings in front of her. That was when she began dreaming up plots of her own. 

Rachel's debut novel was is a Whitney Award finalist, Swoony Award winner, and Deep Magic E-zine highlighted novel. In addition to writing novels, Rachel works as the marketing manager for Immortal Works Publishing. She currently lives in Southern California where she enjoys sand at its finest: the beach and the desert. She loves to play board games with her kids, browse Pinterest for tasty recipes, and read a bedtime stories to her husband every night.

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