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If you love fables and folklore as much as we do, you're in the right place! Keep scrolling to play our scavenger hunt, grab some freebies, and enter a few giveaways!

Join the Hunt:

The hunt is on! You are welcome to try your hand at our adventure, and win the grand prize.  Are you ready to uncover the hidden clues that lie within this party? Then gather round, because here is how it works:

1. There are 5 clues hidden in the corners of this party. 

2. Each clue will help you find the location of the next.

3. Find all five and you'll unlock entry into the ultimate grand prize drawing.

Are you ready?

Here is the first clue:

1. The first direction that you seek, lies in chocolate warm and deep.

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We hope you loved this virtual party! It's readers like you who keep our world spinning round. We hope you met some new authors you'll love. Now go get cozy with some of your freebies, and discover today's happily ever after!

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