Immortal Works Author Highlight: Deleted by Ruth Mitchell


When I first became an acquisitions editor, I had no idea the amazing roller coaster ride it would be. Sending rejection letters to my fellow authors was tough. I knew how hard it was to be in the query trenches, but even thought I was reading plenty of manuscripts, I wasn't finding any that captivated me.

Until this one.

I saw Ruth pitch her novel Deleted as part of the #Pitmad event on twitter and liked her post. Her query was wonderful and her first pages were engaging, so I requested a full manuscript. She replied promptly and I opened the document to get a sneak peek of what she had for me, and I couldn't put the book down until 2 AM.

Ruth's stunning voice knew how to pull me in from the very beginning. Every page was packed with dangerous tension, authentic characters, and a sensational romance that kept me up till two in the morning reading.


She knew mind-hacking was wrong but didn't realize it was dangerous.

Just when Lucy's long-term crush, Marco, seems to be falling for her, a mysterious hacker erases her from his mind—and everyone else's.

Lucy's quirk of not wearing Spex is the only thing keeping her safe from the man trying to steal her memories. But it's hard when the hacker hunting you has eyes everywhere.

Now as a total stranger, Lucy seeks Marco's help. If the hacker finds them, he'll erase their memories or worse. If they fail to find him--and stop him -- no one will know that minds can be hacked and lives rewritten.


​Ruth is an amazing author, bookstagramer, baker, and colleague. She and I chat frequently about our books and I have been so impressed by how hard she works to make her career a success. She threw the most incredible release party for Deleted and I was thrilled to only live an hour away so I could make it! The thing I love most about Ruth's book is how it stayed with me for days afterward. I had the same kind of feeling I felt after discovering Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera for the first time. Everything about her story was romantic, thrilling, dangerous, and exactly the kind of thing I love to read. If you're looking for a clean, fast-paced, romantic read, this is definitely for you!

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