Immortal Works Author Spotlight: The King's 100, by Karin Biggs


I fell in love with this book instantly.

When I read Karin's query to Immortal Works, I was instantly intrigued by the concept of a STEM-based kingdom and it's performing arts rival. The first pages gave me the same feeling as Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles, then quickly whirled me away into a world all it's own full of hot chocolate, ballgowns, perfectly authentic teenage flirtation, and the rush of performing. I closed the book feeling like I was seventeen again, performing in madrigals, spending hours in the practice rooms, performing onstage, and living all the delicious drama that comes with a life behind the scenes. It was that transportive.

Karin managed to get teenagers so right without them being overly angsty and or melodramatically romantic. Instead, she explored the themes of what makes healthy friendships, finding value in emotional expression, and being loyal. I loved every moment with this book.

Karin has become such a wonderful publishing sister. I adore chatting with her and learning from her as we navigate the publishing world together. We are both moms. We both love performing arts. And we both write books! It's the perfect recipe for friendship!


Sixteen-year-old princess, Piper Parish, is a disappointment to the citizens of Capalon, a STEM-structured kingdom where innovation is valued above all. Her older sister, the queen, views Piper's tears during their parents' funeral as a weakness, not to mention her strange affinity for singing. When Piper receives an anonymous note stating her mother is still alive and living in the enemy kingdom of Mondaria, Piper chooses to risk death and flees Capalon to prove once and for all that she's not just the queen's defective little sister.

Posing as a Mondarian citizen named Paris Marigold, Piper bumps into a cute black-haired boy named Ari who encourages her to audition for the King's 100, an esteemed performance court of singers, magicians, and drummers. Piper lands a spot as a singer and dives head-first into a world of glittering dresses, girl-code, sugar, blackmail, and physical contact-all while taking direction from an evil maestro. Under Mondarian law, Piper will be killed if her identity is revealed. But living a life without the freedom to love might actually be the most dangerous risk of all.

The King's 100 is perfect for readers who would love a mash-up of the Selection Series, Cinder, and Glee!


Karin earned her bachelor's degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Purdue University and served as an event planner for two Big 10 universities and various non-profits for over eight years before becoming a stay-at-home-mom. She enjoys chocolate-covered peanuts, uninterrupted sleep and singing with other people. Karin lives in Ohio with her husband, daughter, son, cat and dog.

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