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IW Author Highlight: Colonial Prime by Kevin Nielsen


Being part of Immortal Works is like being part of a family. I have spoken to almost all of their authors either in person or through zoom, and I love their personalities, creative minds, and AMAZING BOOKS. One of the first Immortal Works books I read was Colonial Prime by Kevin Nielsen. It's an action-packed sci-fi novella that I was lucky enough to be a beta reader for back in 2018. Then, I read it again as an advance reader and loved it even more! Kevin is one of the keystone authors who led me to investigate Immortal Works and ultimately sign my own contract with them.


“Captain Amara Corrin, the hero of the late Solar Wars, commands the first colonial fleet. Full of hopeful dreamers looking for a new home, world-weary ex-soldiers, and those just seeking escape, five ships set out from Earth with the hopes of humanity behind them. But Amara soon finds herself with more trouble than she can handle. The Council, Earth’s new governing body, has saddled her with their political rivals, exiling them to a place where they could do them no harm.

Struggling to find balance, Amara appoints a fresh-faced first officer with a hidden past, Nathan Esquina, and tries to figure out a way to keep her son, Jaelyn, free of the political machinations of those aboard the ship trying to destroy the rocky peace upon which they stand. When a message from Earth lets them know that the Council has fallen, Amara, Nathan, and Jaelyn land themselves in a pitched battle where a single mistake could end not only their own lives but those of every person aboard their colonial mission.


Amara Corrin

Though Amara has been hardened by war, she’s never ruthless or antagonizing. She’s exactly the kind of person I would want in charge of colonizing a new planet. Her competence in her professional life, however, doesn’t always transfer to her personal relationships. As tensions on board the ship climb, those very relationships she struggles with could become the only thing that will help her survive.

Jaelyn Corrin

Thirteen-year-old Jaelyn doesn't like attention. Unfortunately, as the son of the ship's captain, it's hard to lay low. He spends his time hiding away in the gardens, but this ship is too small to truly escape getting sucked into the forefront of the adult's problems.

​Nathan Equina

Nathan volunteered to join the colonial fleet to get away from his father. He needs a fresh start, where no one has heard of his reputation so he can figure out who he is, and what why he has such a mysterious gift for mechanics. As the distance between Earth grows, his father's problems haunt him, infecting his new haven with the exact same problems he wanted to escape from. ​


​When I first met Kevin he was at a convention in Provo, wearing a purple button up shirt, and watching someone else's baby so they could go to a class. Not only is he a baby whisperer, but he's also a prolific writer who balances a full-time job and family. The thing I love most about his stories is how his characters feel like old friends so quickly. I find myself constantly sneaking away to read his books because I care so deeply about what happens to my peeps! Also, his vocabulary is first-rate and will leave you feeling both entertained and enlightened. His website has some wonderful advice for new writers, and he works as an acquisitions editor for Immortal Works.


When I first met Kevin, I was shocked to learn that he had published three full-length novels in his first year. I own his Sharani series (uh-maz-ing!) and can't wait to get my hands on Resurgent Shadows. His cover art is as beautiful as the stories inside. ​If you are a fan of Dune by Frank Herbert, the Sharani Series is absolutely for you.

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